EPAEPTN welcomes all newcomers who want to learn how to handle traffic in an approved manner. We also offer encouragement to learn to act as NCS and liason stations. We look forward to your check in.

​The EPAEPTN is part of the ARRL National Traffic System serving the East Pennsylvania Section with liason to other traffic nets within the NTS.

​We meet daily at 6 PM Eastern Time during the Spring and Summer. During Winter months, we start at 5:30 PM due to propagation conditions. The EPAEPTN meets on 3917 kHz, plus or minus QRM for the purpose of passing formal radiograms into and out of the Eastern Section of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

​We are first and foremost an Emergency Net assigned to pass formal message traffic. As such training is required and is done periodically when traffic handling responsibilities permit and on the 1st and 3rd Friday evenings of each month following the net.

​Monday, Feb. 13. 2017

​On Sunday, March 12, 2017, we will move our start time back to 6 PM EDT. This is the same day we change our clocks to Daylight Savings Time. Sunset this day is 7:04 PM EDT and should provide good propagation for the EPAEPTN.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Band Conditions have gotten worse with heavy QRM from down the band adding to difficulty with propagation causing the band to shift at about net time. After discussing options with our Section Traffic Manager, Tom AF4NC, and others, a decision was reached to move the net up one half hour.

Starting Sunday, January 1st, 2017, The EPAEPTN will meet at 1730 Eastern Standard Time. This is only a temporary measure and after forecast adverse solar conditions end, and band conditions stabilize with the approach of Spring, we will return to our regular time of 1800 EST.

I just learned that the ARRL is planning on introducing new guidelines for Public Service, including NTS, in line with the Leagues vision of radio in the Second Century of it's existance. An announcement will be made soon. There has been discussion that HF message traffic has lost relevance in an era of email and internet communications. The new plan has been developed in secret with little if any, input from NTS members.

It would be counter-productive to impliment any changes to EPAEPTN when the entire National Traffic System may be heavily revised. Therefore, all changes planned for January 1st, 2017, are on indefinate hold.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Band Conditions remain poor for the EPAEPTN. Traffic Handling has become difficult and many net members have been unable to check in. Today we are entering an area of Solaar Wind that promises Geomagnetic Disturbances for several days. Presently, a Magnetic Storm reaching the G2 Level is occuring.

Effective tomorrow, Thursday, December 22nd, I'll be monitoring 3917 kHz starting at 1700 EST to receive any traffic for outside of the EPA Section. I would also appreciate anyone available stopping by to pick up section traffic. Today I delivered 15 messages. I'd like to spread this around.

This is a temporary measure because the band seems to shift at 17:30 and become difficult to operate a Section Net on. We're not the only section having problems. WPA, MD and DE are also haveing a tough time.

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Band conditions have been poor for the EPAEPTN. Seems the band has gone long and we're receiving distant stations but not hearing each other.

If you hear somebody calling, answer them, even if you're not checked in due to conditions. Even if we communicte in small groups we may at least contact each other and maybe even pass some traffic.

Hang in there and keep trying. These are the worst conditions I've ever encountered.

If you are available, check in to 3RN on 3918 kHz at 4 PM eastern Time. We may have to exchange traffic for EPA  after the 3rd Region Net until conditions improve. Usually after 3RN, I drop down to 3917 and listen for a while.

Friday December 16th, 2016

Band conditions have prevented the net from meeting on Thursday December 15th and Friday December 16th. There is nothing wrong with your radio. I have received several phone calls and emails concerning inability to hear anyone. It's definately not you.

Chalk it up to perhaps the worst band conditions in 50 years. None of us can remember never being able to contact any other station on the net. It's very strange because the Space weather Prediction Center is not reporting any solar disturbances which would cause this problem. Something has disturbed the F Layer of the Ionosphere.
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